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Simple Esl Worksheets

Having an exercise for your children at home during pandemic can be done by exploring these preschool worksheets. For they who have kids on age 3-5, it’s quite challenging for the pandemic year to get their preschool education. Parents should be involved to accompany their kids for their learning process at home. Thus, parents need proper tools that can be used to achieve this goal.

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Missing Letters Worksheets Pdf

Reinforcement is the key for the kid’s encouragement. Praise them if they can achieve writing their first number, even it’s as simple as writing number “1”. Continue the next step for the next number. Again, you can always make a demonstration for the tracing.

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Fun Comprehension Worksheets

A flower bucket, car or any other objects that usually can be colored without a standard. This will also enhance your kids’ motoric skill. Don’t forget to evaluate their project.

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Winter Handwriting Worksheets

Sometimes, your kids will get bored to trace the line or shape. If this happens, remember that you also can ask them to draw freely. For example, after finished tracing the objects, you can give your kids a blank paper and ask them to draw freely.

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Free Dictionary Skills Worksheets

As usual, you have to give an instruction for your kid. Teach them about the difference between straight line and spiral line. The spiral line usually comes with the complex shape.

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Picture Graph Worksheets For First Grade

Playing music as the background for this activity is also can be fun. It helps the situation to be more cheerful. Your kid will also excite for the activity. Thing that you also need to prepare are coloring pencil or crayon.

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Early Finishers Worksheets Free

These preschool worksheets are simple. It’s also didn’t have any complex solution. You just need to explore your kids’ creativity. Try to get a worksheet with the picture that have a colorful theme.

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Five Senses Worksheets Pdf

This can be a creative solution that will make your kid enhance their imagination and creativity. This free activity is also good for redeem the boredom. During this session, you can play a cheerful music on the background. Ask your kid to dance together and they will enjoy for this activity.

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Ordinal Number Worksheets 2Nd Grade

This will help them to memorize about the shape of the letter. Improve their skill by continuing the exercise. As the final evaluation, you can make all the alphabet sets and ask them to color the letter that you want.

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Cut And Paste Letter Worksheets

The line also has various shape. It usually comes with a simple tracing that can easily followed for the beginner.